Patient Advocacy Services ensures your facility’s compliance toward Patient Financial Responsibility while boosting your revenue. However, the best thing about Patient Advocacy Services is our focus on patient relationships. Our knowledgeable staff members have the compassion and expertise needed to handle your patients’ accounts with grace and understanding.

What’s Different About Patient Advocacy Services?

A woman and a man shake hands after a meeting where the learned more about Patient Advocacy Services LLCPatient Advocacy Services LLC understands that seeking help from mental health or substance abuse providers is often one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. We keep this in mind during our interactions with each of your patients. This is what our clients love about Patient Advocacy Services: we use our expert knowledge to build meaningful relationships with your patients.

Building Relationships

The primary purpose of Patient Advocacy Services LLC is to increase provider revenue while building, maintaining, and improving patient relationships.

When providers ask patients for money, it often results in a disruption of care. This disruption impacts the patient’s relationship with their provider, and may even prevent the patient from completing treatment. This, of course, isn’t the desired outcome for either party.

That’s where we come in. We focus on the patient-provider relationship and ensure that all interactions are respectful and compassionate. Our staff knows how to explain the complexities of receiving insurance benefits, explanation of benefit (EOB) forms, balances due, and payments required to patients and their families in a transparent, considerate way. With a clear explanation, patients are more likely to pay their patient financial responsibility.

Patient Responsibility and Financial Compliance

Leaving patient responsibility on the table opens your facility up to two main problems. Perhaps the most obvious is that it hurts your revenue. All businesses need a steady flow of cash to succeed. Patient Advocacy Services LLC helps tap patient responsibility in the interest of increasing provider revenues.

The second problem that arises from untapped patient responsibility is financial compliance.

Did you know that a treatment center or health care provider may be liable for refunds to insurance carriers for monies they collected for services rendered, simply because they made no attempt at collecting deductibles, co-payments or co-insurance required by a subscriber’s insurance carrier?

Did you know that a treatment center or health care provider may be sued by an insurance carrier for providing discounts to subscribers by not collecting deductibles, co-payments or co-insurance required by an insurance contract?

As much as Providers need to be in compliance to avoid legal conflicts, Providers are entitled to be paid for the services rendered. Steady cash flow is critical to the success of your practice, but most important is the positive patient relationships, which clearly helps build and sustain the reputation of your practice.

Leave it to Patient Advocacy Services to ensure your facility is operating ethically and responsibly when it comes to Patient Financial Responsibility.

Learn More About Patient Advocacy Services

If you need guidance on management of patient accounts at your substance abuse or mental health treatment center, we can help. Reach out to Patient Advocacy Services LLC today at (833) 554-8143 to find out how our expertise can improve your patient relationships while driving revenue.