A man explains patient advocate services to a potential client at Patient Advocacy Services LLCDid you know that a treatment center and health care provider’s failure to collect deductibles, copayments, or coinsurance is a crime? (Florida Statutes §817.505)

Did you know that a treatment center or health care provider may be liable for refunds to insurance carriers for monies they collected for services rendered, simply because they did not attempt to collect deductibles, copayments, or coinsurance required by a subscriber’s insurance carrier?

Did you know that an insurance carrier can sue a treatment center or health care provider for providing discounts to subscribers by not collecting deductibles, copayments, or coinsurance required by an insurance contract?

As a treatment facility or health care provider, do you feel a conflict between the clinical side of providing great quality treatment or health care and the business side of collecting money from your patients? We can help.

Welcome to Patient Advocacy Services LLC

Patient Advocacy Services, LLC (PAS) acts as the liaison between patients, their families, and substance abuse treatment centers, mental health providers, or medical/surgical providers (Providers).

The primary purpose of PAS is to increase Provider revenue while building, maintaining, and improving patient relationships.

We are well aware of the Provider’s need to provide top-tier treatment without disrupting care as a result of demanding monies from patients or their families. We know this issue creates a financial burden and many times drives a wedge between the Provider and the patient and their family. This can be a significant stumbling block to a patient’s ability to reach treatment goals and actually completing a program or recommended treatment regimen.

As much as Providers need to be in compliance to avoid legal conflicts, Providers are entitled to payment for services rendered. Steady cash flow is critical to the success of any practice, but most important is the positive patient relationships. These relationships help build and sustain the reputation of your practice.

In the age of decreasing reimbursements and more stringent mandates implemented by insurance carriers, PAS helps Providers meet the requirements necessary to receive proper payment. PAS will help your facility create forms, implement policies, procedures, and processes for ensuring your legal, ethical, and financial compliance.

PAS understands the provision of services at each level of care, lengths of stay, and expectations placed on patients. Our staff knows how to explain the complexities of receiving insurance benefits, Explanation of Benefit (EOB) forms, balances due, and payments required to patients and their families. Our patient advocate services help patients and their families with proper decision-making, bill tracking, and payment assistance.

What Patient Advocate Services Does PAS Offer?

Patient Advocacy Services LLC is not a collection agency. We are experts in the field dealing with the challenges that come with handling patient accounts. PAS provides a friendly, knowledgeable staff with longevity in the industry to work with and for your organization to accomplish your goals and follow your instructions. Our patient advocate services do not include unethical or hostile techniques.

PAS provides the following services:

  • Policy implementation
  • Form creation
  • Procedures and process training
  • Documentation of attempts to collect amounts due
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Constant communication with providers
  • Total transparency
  • Complete confidentiality of provider models and proprietary information

To learn more about what PAS can do for your facility, give us a call at (833) 554-8143.